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About us
CELPAP Machinery is a company dealing with purchase and sale of second-hand machines and equipment for pulp and paper industry.

The sources of machinery and equipment are usually from central Europe as well as from Western Europe especially Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and USA. Among the most common brands belongs Voith, Valmet, Beloit, Papcel, Jagenberg, etc.

The company offers to its customers complete services including searching of suitable second-hand equipment or suitable customer for re-purchase of equipment that was put out of operation;technical assistance; disassembly and assembly of equipment; overhauling of the old equipment; transportation on the place of destination and assistance during putting into operation.

An offer of the company covers both individual machines/parts/spare parts and complete lines / paper machines delivered on Turn-key basis. In cooperation with associated companies from Czech republic reconstructions, repairs and assembly of delivered second-hand equipment are provided according to customer´s demands related to increase of capacity or improvement of quality or productivity of labour. In the individual cases the company offers intermediation of financing of deliveries.

Purchase of old machines requires higher demands on engineering services and organization of the works connected with disassembly, installation and putting into operation.
We are ready to serve to our customers and appreciate to receive concrete requirements / enquiries or offers of your second hand equipment.

Key activities and contact

purchase and sale of second hand machinery, leasing, consulting, technology advice ,storage of machinery

Mr. Miroslav Dostál
Václavské náměstí 56
110 00 Praha 1, Czech Repulbic
Phone: 00420 22403 2152
Fax: 00420 22403 2155
Email: mdostal@celpap.cz
Web: www.celpap.cz

Our Location and Operating HoursSkype

Our Address:
Václavské náměstí 56
110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Hours of Operation:
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