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2200mm Coating machine Varibar (253)

Subject of the offer
Supply of On‐ or Offline coater with effective coating width 2200 mm.
This will be for the production of coated duplex board/ coated top test liner.
Coater should be equipped with one or two coating heads on the top side and one coating head on
the back side.
Coating effective thickness is 15‐25 g/m2.

Supply of machinery:
CELPAP Machinery has ownership of second hand coating machine with many other components.
Machines are relatively modern, in very good condition. Machines have been used very rarely and
were stopped due to shutdown of the factory. Celpap Machinery can provide guarantees on the
functionality of the machines.
Completion of the coater can be accommodated to the requests of the customer. The complete line
should have configuration as follows:


1. Coating preparation
a. 1pcs Cooker, jacketed, made of stainless steel. Equipped with agitator.

b. 3pcs Mixing tanks 30m3 for Caolin clay, Latex and HCC
c. 6pcs pumps for Caolin clay, Latex and HCC (3+3 reserve) 

d. 3pcs flow meters
e. 1pcs scale up to 50 kgs


2. Coating kitchen
a. Mixing tank 5 m³, made of stainless steel

b. Overflow tank for transport of coating chemicals into coater
c. Vibrating screen Cellier, made of stainless steel

d. 2pcs screw type pump for transport of coating chemicals (1+1 spare)

3. Coating machine for top layer
a. Complete coating machine Jagenberg Varibar with the following characteristics:
Manufacturer: Jagenberg
Year: 1998

Type: Varibar
Working width: 2200mm
Coating weight: 12 g/m2
Coat consistency: 55%: 55‐65%
Max liquid consumption: 159,2 l/h (55%)
Max consumption atmospheric dry: 126,72 kg/h
Includes all components, electric panels, cca 10‐15 rolls (at least 5 chromium plated), piping etc.

b. Drying by infrared dryer Krieger
Manufacturer: Krieger
Year: 1998
Fully automatic computer controlled.


4. Coating machine for second top layer (option)
Second coating layer can be delivered based on customers requirements and second hand market

5. Coating machine for bottom layer
a. 2350 mm BMB Bachofen Meier Coating Head for Board
Brand new ‐ Still in the original box
Face: 2450 mm
Useful width: 2350 mm
Speed: 200 m/min
Coating weight: 2‐6 g/m2
Center bearings distance: 3030 mm
Applicator roll and rotating metering bar
Electric and control panel
b. Drying by infrared drying system or steam drying hood


6. Unwind and paper guiding mechanism (option for offline coating)
Appropriate unwind stand and paper guide roll can be supplied for offline coating.



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