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Vertical Pulper CVP

We manufacture pulpers of many different capacities.


Pulper is designed as low or medium consistency with maximum 6‐8% operating consistency. It can operate in continuous or periodical mode. It is characterized by simple but robust construction. Suitable selection of materials secures long working life with long servicing period. Bearing assembly of new construction was designed based on tensometric load measurement during operation of various Voith and Papcel pulpers. Bearing set is designed as statically fixed. Axial forces are captured by independent bearing. If the lubrication interval is kept, bearing working life over 5‐7 years has been confirmed in many installations. Outlet body and drive is designed in a way so that the outlet body can be lifted from the pulper in vertical direction including driven pulley. This shortens servicing and maintenance times significantly.



Pulper is to be built on a concrete base plate, which customer will build up according to provided documentation.

Description of components

  • The drive of the pulper consists of driving and driven pulley from cast steel.
  • Bearing housing with functional elements consisting of bearing housing (housing from cast steel), shaft made of Chrome-Nickel-Molybden steel AISI 316L, bearings, bottom and top sealing labyrinth cover made of stainless steel.

  • Outlet body

  • Sealing chamber made of Chrome steel, sealing (sealing cover made of cast iron with ceramic finish, sealing lid divided made of stainless steel, other sealing elements also made of stainless steel, sealing cord).

  • Functional elements – rotor hub made of stainless steel Cr-Ni-Mb, rotor wipes off whole screen plate area, slotted screen with slots (8-30) mm made of Cr-steel with increased strength

Note: pulper can be equipped with labyrinth type seal with rubber sealing elements

Pulper vat consists of two parts

  • pulper vat bottom with deep-arched design with 12 mm material thickness, due to severe duty made of Cr-Ni-Mb stainless steel 316 Ti, flange and four feet made of Cr-Ni stainless steel AISI 304

  • pulper vat top with deflector or flange welded, made of Cr-Ni stainless steel AISI 304 with 6mm thickness

Note: it is possible to deliver pulper vat bottom only. Pulper vat top can be secured from customer from local resources (documentation can be provided) in order to achieve cost savings.


Example of a pulper:

Capacity:  60 tpd

Chest size:  12 m3

Year of make:  new

Concetration for pulping:  4 - 6 %

Capacity of vat:  12 m3

Diameter of rotor:  920 mm

Output of an electric motor: 132/750 min-1







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