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    • Celpap Machinery - workshop

       Hanovice 28

       783 21 Hanovice

       Czech republic

workshop Hanovice

Total 3000 sq m building area + 8000 sq m outside storage
Rented premises, negotiations about purchase to be completed in 4Q 17
2 km from highway R35, Olomouc: 15 min
Quality guaranteed by design engineer with 10+ yrs experience in heavy industry incl pulp and paper
Focus mainly on stock preparation equipment
Manufacture of new stock preparation machines and spare parts


    • Celpap Machinery - workshop

       Loucovice 88

       382 76 Loucovice

       Czech republic


workshop Loucovice

Total 1000 sq m building area + 500 sq m outside storage

Premises in our ownership

50 km from Linz (AT)

Focus on vacuum pumps + tissue converting equipment

Supply of external maintenance services to paper mills, home base of relocation team (fully equipped)



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